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The Finale of a Good Run. 3/30 Witzend, Venice, CA

Hey y’all-I didn’t want to make this just a post. Rarely will I promote anything on my blog. This has been way to important of a month for me-Most of you have by now had the chance to watch my dream squashing (or starting) performance of Faithfully on “The Voice”, but what you don’t know is the hard work we’ve been putting down here on the turf of our Los Angeles streets.

That sounds way more hardcore then it is.

This last month I’ve played over 20 shows, in greater  Los Angeles alone (while holding down my day job), basically trying to get my chops to where they belong-You’ve come to expect great things from me, and I take that truly to heart-Every performance matters so much, and at times in my past I may have exploited that trust in the past- The highlight of this month for me has been our Residency on Friday nights over at Witzend in Venice Beach. It’s where my Trio, comprised of Albert Kim on Bass and Ryan Krieger on Drums (Occasionally Nik Hughes of Youngblood Hawke has been filling in), has been giving what we believe some of the best performances of my career. There’s a grand piano which in my opinion is so essential to what I do. True organic sound. essentially banged really hard.

Our drummer, Ryan Krieger, is having is first child today, and so won’t be joining us for the finale, but Nik has been a more then ample kicking ass and bringing that intense push to the music. This Friday however, we’re blowing it up-With Will Phillips on Percussion and Nick Gomez guesting in on the Sax. We’ve got great things in store, I’ll be selling the last 20 copies of my CDs (don’t worry, more or coming, but I took a sucker punch from my store after the show) 

The Special thing about this venue is it’s about the music. Jeb Milne runs a bit of a sanctuary for wayward troubadours, and we do our best to make him Proud.  Please come join me and the Amazing Keaton Simons with Guest Joel Eckels band, for a show I hope will lift your spirits, make you dance, think, and cry a little. and after it’s all over go fall in love.

Here are the details.

Doors 7pm 

JH band performs at 9:30 pm  (Joel eckels 8:30 , Keaton simons 10:30)


$10 door

1717 Lincoln Blvd

Venice, CA  



The difference between me and liberace.

The difference between me and liberace.